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07 Aug, 2020
2 hrs 0 mins
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‘Scotland’ lacks depth in terms of storytelling and the actors should have honed their acting skills before taking up a project as sensitive as this.
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STORY: After a successful brain surgery on MLA Shelar’s (Kashish Rai) mother, Scotland-bred neurosurgeon Dr. Brij Diwan (Adam Saini) attends a puja at Shelar’s home with his beautiful daughter Taniya (Khushboo Purohit). That visit turns out to be a life-altering event for both the fathers as the lives of their children are at stake.

REVIEW: Born and raised in Scotland, Taniya has been meaning to visit Mumbai for a while now. And when her father is flown to the Maximum City for a critical brain surgery, Taniya tags along for a two-day visit. Once the surgery is successfully carried out, a grateful MLA Shelar invites the duo over to his house for a puja he had kept for his mother’s speedy recovery. The lives of Diwans and Shelars take a drastic turn when the Shelar boys (and their friends) rape not only their own adopted sister Asha (Kashish Rai) but also Taniya. Will these bratty brothers evade justice? If yes, then how far will the fathers go to protect their offspring?

Manish Vatssalya’s ‘Scotland’ was in the running for this year’s Oscars Best Feature Category and we do get why: the alarming issue of rape and perpetrators walking away scot-free is more relevant now than ever. However, the script, dialogues and the overall execution of this social drama is shoddy from the very start. As NRIs, one would expect the Diwans to have a certain kind of accent but there is inconsistency in the way they speak and that makes it hard for the viewers to find the central characters relatable. If the makers have actually shot the movie in Scotland, none of it makes it to the final cut and that’s just plain disappointing, especially for a movie which is titled after that beautiful country.

The plotline has no major twists and turns and is more or less treading in one straight line – first is the crime, then the betrayal and finally exacting revenge from the wrongdoers. ‘Scotland’ lacks depth in terms of storytelling and the actors should have honed their acting skills before taking up a project as sensitive as this.

Users' Reviews


Bryanna Yang734 days ago

Scotland is not for bollywood guys, its international movie, awards prove that, I love it and agree with someone said people who love car flying women dancing, may be the guy from TIO was upset with her wife hahah so gave 2 star mate u need to re-visit and give star

Rohan Nalavde1434 days ago

The end is heartening which leaves a lump in your throat, yet the urge to watch it again remains. May be in the second viewing one will find another aspect of the story. A well played out character's, good acting !!

Sukesh Shetty1335 days ago

The film is a dark, complex psychological yet there are layers of emotions which makes it more compelling. Add to this there is an Occult angle to the thriller... Scotland drops you on your foot. Would recommend this to give it a watch.

Mayur Kanojia1435 days ago

Scotland is one of the most complex films of recent times with layers to the narrative and characters. At the same time it's a thriller and an emotional drama of a father coming to terms with his child's loss. The emotions and vulnerability of a cop played by Manish Vatsallya himself is genuinely expressed which one can identify with. Everyone of us have lost a near or dear one at some point of time we will (recently I lost my mother) and after that the mere existence becomes difficult. At those moments mind and brains starts behaving weirdly and one starts accepting irrationality which gives one inner peace. Scotland explores one of those phases of life when everything seems at lost yet one has to move on with life. Without giving away any suspense I would say Adam Sir's script webbed in a beguiling suspense thriller drama around that complex phenomenon.

susheel kumar1337 days ago

On a whole Scotland is a rare thriller drama which would be loved by connoisseurs of good cinema. This film will open new window to this genre and hopefully more complicated psychological thriller themes will be explored in the near future. Good Luck... !!