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03 Jul, 2020
1 hr 46 mins
Comedy Romance
Streaming on: Netflix
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Touted as a romantic comedy, this simple meet-cute saga soon escalates into a messy and chaotic pile of silly gags.

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STORY: Desperate for love, Wesley finally finds the man of her dreams. But when he doesn’t call for five days, she sends out a toxic email to him only to regret it soon after. Can she undo this?

REVIEW: Seventeen failed job interviews, countless dates and an ex who is getting married – a 30-something Wesley’s (Nasim Pedrad) life is constantly drawing a blank. But not the one to lose hope, Wesley continues to look for love and jobs. Finally, she meets Jared (Robbie Amell) and it’s love at first sight. On their second date, they jump into the bed and Wesley starts imagining her life, kids and retirement with Jared. But when he goes missing, Wesley thinks he’s just like the other guys who has ghosted her after having sex. Egged by her BFFs Kaylie (Sarah Burns) and Brooke (Anna Camp), Wesley ends up sending out a nasty, ranting email (peppered with varied emoticons) to Jared. But soon she finds out that Jared has met with an accident in Mexico. The trio then embark on a crazy desperate plan to land up in Mexico, hack Jared’s devices and delete the email before he can access it.

It is as crazy as it sounds, but sadly, it’s not all that funny. Touted as a romantic comedy, this simple meet-cute saga soon escalates into a messy and chaotic pile of silly gags. Debutante writer Ellen Rapoport does well in penning down relatable challenges of the dating world. She even builds Wesley’s character as slightly nutty yet easily likeable, who’s constantly putting herself into some really embarrassing situations. However, many of these situations are less funny and more cringe-worthy (read being accused of pedophilia and molested by a dolphin).

One of the consistently good things about ‘Desperados’ is its leading lady Nasim Pedrad, who takes it all in her stride, looking glam and lending grace to even the most bizarre situations. Anna Camp and Sarah Burns provide good support as Wesley’s best friends. Thankfully, their characters get some space to develop in the third act rather than being mere props to the main lead. Among the men, Robbie Amell plays the typically good-looking and ideal boyfriend material, who is perceived as someone wanting a woman, who is sorted and has a domesticated housewife kinda vibe. Lamorne Morris, thankfully, has a little more variety in his character of Sean, who gets off on the wrong foot with Wesley on their first date. But eventually, both the men have precious little to do in this female dominated rom-com.

Director LP starts off on a high with Wesley’s impulsive and desperate plans to hold on to a man she thinks is for keeps. However, along the way, the narrative keeps getting predictable and losing its humour quotient to crass comedy that feels more desperate than desired.

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Jitendra Singh105030 days ago

Not the good one

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Arijit452539 days ago

Tips World152240 days ago

Above average show