Naagin 5 update, September 20: Jay is alive; Bani decides to take revenge from Veer


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Naagin 5 update, September 20: Jay is alive; Bani decides to take revenge from Veer

In the latest episode of Naagin 5, Bani tries to kill one of the brothers of Veer but before she can execute her plan, Veer arrives. Bani is unable to kill him and she has a tiff with him.
Veer asks Bani what is she doing here Bani makes an excuse. Bani and Veer get into an argument and later they fall into the swimming pool. They both express their hatred towards each other and Veer even tries to drown Bani.

Bani manages to free herself and goes away.
At Jay's home, his dadi and other family members are worried for him. The police officer tells Jay's father that he has found the mobile phone but there are no traces of Jay.

Bani also goes looking for Jay but is unable to find him in the ghati.

Next morning, someone dumps Jay in a park and girl named Mayuri finds him. A snake comes and tries to save him but she turns into a peacock and takes away Jay with her. She kills the snake.

At the Singhania mansion, Bani decides to teach the cheel family a lesson and removes all the curtains so that sunlight enters. Since cheels do not like daylight, they get angry at Bani.

Bani pretends to be unaware of all this and removes all the curtains. She opens all the doors and asks Veer's brothers to start cleaning the entire house. Veer's father gets angry but is asked by everyone to keep quiet.

Veer sees his brother's working and asks Bani to not torture her brothers. She agrees but asks him to get clean water and help her. Veer takes the bucket filled with dirty water but he slips and the waterfalls on Bani. He turns into a cheel and insults Bani.

Elsewhere, Mayuri gets a call from Shukla who tells her to take care of Jay and not let him leave this house. He tells Mayuri that his plan was that Veer throws Jay in front of Adi Naagin from the cliff but save him for their future.

Shukla tells Mayuri to focus on their plan and they have to bring out the reality of Adi Naagin in front of everyone.

Mayuri arrives at the Singhania mansion and tries to make Bani jealous. But she fails to do it and as per Mayuri's plan she seeks Veer's father's permission to stay in the house.

By mistake, Mayuri touches Bani and both start taking their original forms of Peacock and Naagin respectively.

Bani rushes to the temple and prays in front of Lord Shiva. She confesses in front of God that she had to marry Veer to take revenge of Jay's death.

Pandit ji arrives to make Bani realise that it was wrong to marry a cheel.

At Singhania mansion, Shukla asks Mayuri to be alert and do not lose focus.

Jay is held captive in Mayuri's home but he regains consciousness and manages to see what happened to him. He turns into a naag and sets himself free.

Back at Singhania mansion, Bani is seen choosing saris for herself for the party but Mayuri comes with a few designer saris and jewellery.

Mayuri manages to add some pill in the water so that naagin takes her true form and Veer attacks and kills her.
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