Naagin 5 update, December 20: Veer to get married to Chandni; Bani finds a way to locate him


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Naagin 5 update, December 20: Veer to get married to Chandni; Bani finds a way to locate him

In the latest episode of Naagin 5, Bani tells her sister Meera what Veer did with her the night before. She remembers everything that Veer had done for her and about their love. She cries remembering Veer who has left her alone.
Meera asks if she felt what Veer said was true. Did she believe he could betray her.

Jay, Tapish come and listen to what Bani just said. Bani says that she wants to know what is wrong with Veer.
Tapish tells her about talking to Vikaj, who is a pious soul and she will tell them the truth. Bani asks her brothers to stay with him while Tapish, Bani, Jay and Meera leave to meet Vikaj.

They reach the cave to talk to Vikaj. Bani prays to know the truth of what has happened to her husband. She seeks his help and Tapish, Jay ask her to leave. As they get to leave, Vikaj makes an appearance and he tells her why she got married to an eagle when she is a naagin. She says things happened all of a sudden and now she loves her husband.

At Veer's home, all of a sudden there is night and a full moon is there in the sky. Veer hears some female voice calling him and he throws everyone away including his brothers and father. He flies away high and his brothers lose track too.

He then lands on the moon and loses consciousness. Bani reaches home and is told about everything. It is then shown that Bani is marrying Jay while Veer is getting married to Chandni.

The scene shifts to a few hours earlier where Bani realises that Veer must have gone to the moon as he knew someone there. She asks Jay if he wants to help her as a friend or stay quiet.

Bani leaves the house and reaches the mysterious cave. On her way, she meets Markaat who asks her to be released but Bani won't release her. She tells her that the love between her and Veer is against nature.

Bani decides to go and get Veer back. She enters the cave and seeks help but the cave refuses to help her but she keeps pleading.

She finally gets her way to reach the moon but the cave tells her that she will lose her eyesight. Bani agrees to it.
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