Exclusive - Splitsvilla X3: Kat and Kevin become the first ideal match


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Exclusive - Splitsvilla X3: Kat and Kevin become the first ideal match

Love is clearly in the air and we can feel all of it, as Splitsvilla X3 has got its first ideal match. Stepping into its 8th week, the show will witness love blooming at the much awaited dome session. This Saturday, after winning the ‘Dil Badlu’ task of the Golden Opportunity Challenge with Dhruv and Sapna, #Katvin will finally confront The Oracle.
And then the moment finally arrived, cupid struck Kat and Kevin. With the rising hamster cage in the Golden and Silver Villa for the manifestation of becoming an ideal match by the great Oracle, we’re sure to have an aww-worthy moment in the upcoming episode. While Kat-Kevin became the ideal match, luck wasn’t in favour of the other two couples: Vyomesh-Bhoomika and Nikhil-Pallak’s, who failed at becoming an ideal match in the previous weeks.

Kat and Kevin have always got the support of other Splitsvillains, who have rooted for them as a couple. And now as they are officially the first ideal match, what powers will reside with them?

Would this tag lead to change in the course of events and the equations between the contestants? Who will they dump in the dome session and what advantages they’ll hold for the rest of the game?

Splitsvilla is hosted by Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone.

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