01/6Zodiac signs who are likely to have a love marriage

Zodiac signs who are likely to have a love marriage

Marriage is indeed special for everyone. From proposals to wedding preparations, the process is quite beautiful. Those who choose to have a love marriage are very lucky to have a partner who already knows them completely. There’s no unfamiliarity of any sorts but only love. Astrology plays a major part in determining marriages in India. Matching the 'Kundli' is an essential part of marriage. Hence, we bring to you the top zodiac signs who are likely to have a love marriage.




They are highly emotional people who have complete trust over their loved ones. They value their bonds with people and work really hard towards maintaining it. They are likely to fall in love with their best friend or someone in their friend circle and also marry them.




People of this zodiac sign tend to stick to the people they have always loved. It would be a dream come true if their childhood crush likes them back and if marriage is in the cards. They are comfortable with their choices in life and thus, would stick to a love marriage only.




They are very determined and hardworking and are often choosy with their choices. They are stubborn and so if they decide to marry their partner, no one can nudge them from a Taurean’s decision. They are also quite independent in their own matters.




They are very methodical and like to live their life the way they want. This means, they like to plan who they will get married to. Sagittarians will try to avoid an arranged marriage at all costs and will always go ahead with their plan. They will find a partner and will stick to them no matter what.




Their fun and social nature attract many people towards them. They may not be consistent in their work or even while keeping friends, but they are quite set on choosing a partner of their choice, to get married. They will marry a person who has dealt with all their tantrums and fun nature. So, Geminis will be less likely to marry a person they’ve never been in a relationship with before.