01/4​Jumping Jacks versus Skipping Rope: Which one is better?

​Jumping Jacks versus Skipping Rope: Which one is better?

Some simple exercises are also the most effective. Jumping jacks and skipping rope are aerobic exercises that get your heart rate up, help you burn calories and stay in shape. Both the exercises use your body weight for resistance and can be inculcated in your daily routine exercise. You can also perform them alone for an effective cardiovascular workout.

Let's talk about which among the two is a more effective exercise and which one should you choose over the other in case there is crunch of time.


02/4​Skipping rope

​Skipping rope

Skipping rope requires quick reflexes, coordination and good timing. It helps improve one's athletic skills. The aerobic activity helps burn up to 744 calories in a 70 kgs person in 60 minutes. The exercise engages your entire body but targets mainly your calves and core muscles. It also works on the forearm and shoulders intensely as these muscles are used in holding and turning the rope. The quads are involved and your knees are at work as they absorb shock for each jump.

While skipping rope, you should create a steady, uninterrupted rhythm of jumping for several minutes at a time. You need to adapt your breathing pattern as you increase the pace of your jumps.


03/4​Jumping jacks

​Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks require your entire body to move that raise your heart rate up in a relatively lesser time. While performing jumping jacks, you raise your arms above your head and spread your legs outward, which engages your major muscle groups as well as your core. This helps stabilize and balance your body.

The pace of jumping jacks determines the intensity of your workout. The faster you exercise, the higher will be the intensity. A fast pace exercise means a higher heart rate and increased muscle engagement. Your upper body should move in sync with your lower body and your breathing must be in tune with your movements for maximum results.


04/4​The verdict

​The verdict

Both jumping jacks and skipping rope are exercises that come under aerobic workout. They are ideal for warming up your muscles before engaging in a more vigorous physical exercise like sprinting, swimming, weightlifting or sports.

Both the exercises make for a good complimentary exercise that you can integrate into circuit training workouts. Doing jumping jacks or skipping rope with circuit training helps by increasing muscle strength and developing cardiovascular endurance.

The two exercises are ideal for people who do not have a lot of space to perform exercises with large equipment.