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2 States U

06 Mar, 2020
2 hrs 12 mins
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2 States


Jacky tries to portray the whole ride with a touch of humour, which works to some degree. At some places, the comedy repeats. That could have been avoided
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2 States Movie Review : A romcom that works partly

Critic's Rating: 2.5/5
Story: In a village in Kerala, a family a son, father and grandfather live happily. One day, a girl from Tamil Nadu comes to the village with her friend. The son falls in love with her and their world turns upside down.

Review: When two cultures meet in marriage, friction is quite likely. If one party is richer than the other, more complications are in store. What is the quickest solution? To elope. The movie 2 States, written and directed by Jacky S Kumar, takes this route.

In a quaint village lives Harikrishnan (Manu Pillai), Vijayaraghavan (Mukesh) and their Appappan (Vijayaraghavan). Hari is jobless like his father who does not believe in working. Although Hari wants to be employed, Vijayaraghavan is against the idea. His Appappan, whose hobby is to block marriage proposals of the youth in that village, has a shop. One day, Sushi (Sharanya) walks into the shop to question a proposal Appappan has hampered. However, believing Hari did this, she confronts him. Hari, who falls in love with her at first sight, fails to utter a word. Love blossoms. Finally, they decide to elope.

The basic storyline of Jacky’s 2 States is the same old ‘rich bride’s family versus the poor groom’s family drama’. The progression of the story is more or less predictable, except for a suspense element towards the end. The interesting element of this script is the ‘rom-com’ approach. Swords and knives and roaring goons of the bride’s father coming in jeeps, a cliché in such love stories, are not used much. They are replaced with characters who crack jokes. Jacky tries to portray the whole ride with a touch of humour, which works to some degree. At some places, the comedy repeats. That could have been avoided.

Theevandi-fame Manu Pillai appears as Harikrishnan. He has two getups in the movie. Making his debut as a hero, he has given an impressive performance, except for a few emotional scenes where he loses the grip on his character. Sharanya is good as the bold Sushi. Mukesh and Shammi Thilkan mostly handle the comedy department in the movie. Shammi has done a good job as the nervous goon. Indrans appears as a judge in a brief role. Tamil actor Johny Vijay does the role of a police officer.

Music by Jakes Bejoy adds to the plot. The movie also captures the scenic beauty of rural life. It is worth a watch for those who prefer a light movie viewing experience.

(Reviewed by Elizabeth Thomas)

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